Monday, October 6, 2014

Rose Water Decal Mani

*Items in this post were provided for review.

Happy Monday everyone! So to start off the week, I have another review of some water decals sent to me by the Born Pretty Store.

Now, if you are reading this blog, there is a very high chance that much like myself, you are a lover of nail art. We all love hand painted florals and drawing free handed characters that smile up at us from our nail beds. We love using scotch tape or painter's tape to create unique angles and designs. And finally, we love the satisfaction of perfectly stamping an image or pattern on the very first try.

But the truth is, we don't always have the time or energy for these techniques. After a long day of work or a full day of studying, I rarely have the energy to finagle with individual pieces of glitter. I don't have the patience to wait for my polish to dry so that I can do some stamping. And water marbling? Forget about it. Essentially, when I get home at 9PM, I want my nails to magically do themselves so that I can get some sleep for the next day.

And this is why I love nail art water decals. Instant fabulous.

Generally speaking, water decals are pretty easy to apply and can be done so in a short amount of time. I found that this was true with these Born Pretty water decals and others I have received from the Born Pretty Store.

To use these, you first cut out the design you want to use and soak it in water. After a minute or two, you can slide the decal off it's backing so you can put it onto your nail. This is the tricky part. Once you put the decal on your nail (on top of your dry base), 9 times out of 10, your decal will not move. Hence when you slide it off the paper, make sure you put it exactly where you want it to be on your nail, because you will not be able to move it around or peel it off and replace it. If you try, most likely, you will tear or stretch the decal or make it stick to itself.

However, one technique to avoid this (that works for me), is first putting a few drops of water on your nail (your dry base) and then sliding the nail decal on. I have found that with a slightly wet base (from water, not wet polish) you can slide the decal around a little bit (in case you mess up your placement when you first put it on). After I finished putting these decals on, I added some Seche Vite for a nice glossy finish.

Check out the Born Pretty Store to find these decals and some other cool deigns. You can use my code CJCX31 for 10% off your next born pretty order! Happy shopping!

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