Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Murder Mystery Mani

Afternoon ladies and gents! Since Halloween is slowly approaching, I thought I would share just one more Halloween mani. I had tons of fun stamping this design and even came up with a story for it! I now invite you to sit back, relax, and join me as we listen to this week's "Mystery Theater" titled, Nail Art: A Murder Mystery.

*Cue cheesy 1940's mystery music*

WARNING: You are about to be exposed to an extremely corny/nonsensical drama. For best results, read in the voice of a 50 year old man with salt and pepper hair and an old New York accent.

It was 7PM when I finally got back to my office. My day had started with a double homicide and ended with the pile of paper work sitting on my desk, in front of me. It wasn't easy being a private eye, but then again, neither was being murdered.

But I decided the paperwork could wait until tomorrow. I started closing up shop and locking down the office. Just as I grabbed my coat to leave, I heard a scream cut through the air. Quickly, I ran to see where the scream had come from. When I stepped outside, it was pretty clear.

*cue dramatic music*

Only a few steps away, I saw a woman hunched over another woman, a young blonde who was laying motionless on the floor. On any other day, I would have made a joke about how the lady had picked a terrible place to nap. But judging by the blood surrounding the body and the single gunshot wound to the chest, the fact was, the blonde would be napping for a long time.

“What’s your name ma'am?” I said, speaking to the live hysterical woman as I stepped around the body.

“She’s dead! Can’t you see her, my friend, she’s dead!” The woman yelled in hysteria.

“Yes, ma'am I can see that. Fortunately, you aren't, so if I can just get your name?” I repeated.

“Rebecca, Rebecca Louis.” The hysteria began to die down.

“Pardoning the circumstances, it’s nice to meet ya’, Ms. Louis. I’m Johnny Dafinci, private investigator. Do you know anything about this woman?

“She’s my friend, my closest friend,” the woman sobbed, but more quietly now. “We’ve been friends for years and roommates for the longest time and I… I was just walking this way and I noticed her here. She must have been on her way home. I don’t understand, how did this happen?”

“And did you interact with the body at all? Did you touch her, try to take her pulse?”

“No, I didn't touch her, I saw all the blood and I didn't touch her.”

Something fishy about this character, I thought to myself.

“So you’re telling me you see this woman on the ground, you’re closest friend, someone you live with, and you don’t have the impulse to touch her? Maybe grab her and try to shake her awake? Or even take her pulse?”

“Well I…” the woman began to stutter nervously...Interesting her sobbing had stopped so quickly.

“Listen Ms. Louis, can you verify your whereabouts for the night? You and the victim ever get into any arguments?”

“That’s ridiculous! I just found her here. You can’t possibly be insinuating that I…that I…”

“That you what”? I asked.

“Of course we had our share of fights, but who doesn't? I mean, she did have a bad habit of using my things but I would never…”

Sounds like good enough motive to me, I thought.

“Alright ma'am, I’m going to have to take you downtown for questioning in this matter.” I started pulling out my handcuffs.

Her eyes widened in terror. “But I didn't do anything! Johnny, I didn't do anything. You don’t understand, I really didn't do anything wrong, I mean. She used my things all the time, but I…” She began to stumble around her words before she let out what she had hoped to keep in.

“You have to believe me Johnny, you have to! I didn't…I mean, I wasn't wrong. It was a crime of passion, you see?" Suddenly, she turned frantic. "She was always using my things. Just yesterday she used the last of my nail polish remover! You don’t understand, she used up my nail polish remover!”

“Yea, yea. Tell it to the judge.”


Milani - White
Konad - Black
Mundo de Unas - Red
Messy Mansion MM28 - blood splatter, gun, body outline
Bundle Monster "CYO" 2013 (BM414) - finger print design
Bundle Monster "CYO" 2013 (BM416) - splatter design
Born Pretty Store - Matte Top Coat

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