Monday, July 8, 2013

Pretty in Pink ! (French Mani)

So six flags was amazing. I lost count of how many rides I went on or how much fried food I had and despite the ridiculous heat, I had a really good time. There was funnel cake and skull mountain and lots of random dancing. That's sort of what me and my sister do.....The best part of the day was when my sister and I heard the cha -cha slide come on and we joined a flash mob. My boyfriend got this picture of the two of us (I'm in stripes and my sister is in the spongebob shirt) flash mobbing with a group of 5 year olds and teenagers lol
Yes, random, I know. We are crazy, but it works for us.

Anyway, since I did in fact survive the heat and all of the thrill rides, I thought I would post this mani for today. Now in general, pink isn't my favorite color to wear but I do really like how it looks on my nails. I love the color I used for this mani, not only because it is so vibrant, but because the Duane Reade near me has a bin filled with marked down nail polish so I got it for super cheap. You'll never believe how much I paid for this little beauty...
Crazy, right? Anyway, since I have been doing a lot of dark mani's lately, I thought I would try one inspired by summer. This is what I came up with...
For this summery look, I used Milani's Pink Out Loud. I absolutely love this color because of its brightness and the tiny pink sparkles in the polish. If this doesn't say summer, I don't know what does! And for that nice clean silver line I used silver nail tape which I reviewed in a previous post. The little flowers on my ring finger I bought a few months ago so I really can't remember where I purchased them, but I am pretty sure the brand Fing'rs makes something similar that can be purchased in any drug store (Walgreen's, Duane Reade, etc.)
  Just a side note. I would say the last two photos are more representative of what this color looks like in person (I am still working on making a light box so that I can capture the color's of my mani's better : > ).  Unfortunately, I was super lazy when I did this mani and after applying the stickers didn't apply any top coat so one of my stickers abandoned ship!
 Milani  - Pink Out Loud
Silver Nail Tape (amazon)
Flower Sticker (Fing'rs?)