Friday, July 5, 2013

Holo Water Marble

This is possibly one of the mani's I am most proud of! Today I present to you my holographic water marble mani. For those of you don't know what water marbling is, check out this video on you tube (water marbling starts at 1:29).

Yes, the process is pretty complicated but the end results are totally worth it (Seriously, watch the video if you want any of the following to make sense). I tend to not tape up the skin around my nails because it takes so much time. Instead, sometimes I will rub lotion or chap stick around the edges of my fingers (where the tape would normally go) which makes removing any polish that sticks to your fingers super easy (I often wrap a little piece of cotton ball around a wooden manicure sticks and dip it into nail polish remover to clean up the mess that water marbling leaves on your fingers). I also cheat a little in that once I stick my finger in the bowl to pick up the marbled design, I don't clean up the extra polish that is left in the bowl, as shown in the video. This is why my design looks like it has two layers or marbling. I might say it was intentional, but really its just me being lazy : )

Anyway, to achieve this look I did a base coat of Milani's HD, which is a silver holographic polish. Then for the marbling (the colors I dripped into my cup filled with room temperature water ) I used Black Out and White On, both from Sally Hansen, Xtreme Wear. What is really  nice about using  white polish in marbling is that it spreads out super thin so that more of your base coat is visible (The white polish actually looks clear). That's why you can see so much of the holographic polish underneath.
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - Black Out
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - White On
Milani - HD


  1. This is totally awesome!!! I really need to try a water marble again... I love the look, but the incredible mess was just too much for me. Your tip about rubbing chapstick around the nail bed would probably help A LOT. I did try putting on scotch tape and I think it only contributed to the mess!
    Great job with the water marble technique, especially over the holo! ♥ it!! :D

    1. Thanks! haha I love water marbles too but I don't do them too often because cleanup takes FOREVER. I find it definitely helps to use the chap stick method and pick up any extra polish in the water, while your finger is still submerged (using a wooden cuticle stick). Try it out and let me know what you think!