Monday, July 1, 2013

Feeling Fancy

Morning all! So today I have something special from one of my favorite collections. And yes, I'll admit I was feeling a little flashy when I did this manicure (as if you couldn't tell!). This gorgeous navy blue is from the new collection from Maybelline called Maybelline Color Show. The colors from this collection are absolutely gorgeous and are meant to represent fashion on the run way, which explains why most of the Color Show polishes are vibrant and super intense.

Shown in the photo is two coats of Sapphire Siren, though I probably could have gotten away with one coat. And of course to add a little glam on my ring fingers, I used Color Club's Orna-Minted which is a glitter polish consisting of small and large silver hexagons in a clear base. I had to do 4 coats of Orna-Minted to completely cover my nail. As always, I used Seche Vite as my top coat which gave me that awesome shine. Finally for even more glam, I added a 3D bow which I purchased from amazon a few months ago. I love these bows because they are inexpensive and really add a spark to any manicure. I would say my only issue is that these bows are a bit too big (measuring about 1/3 of an inch) and there were no measurements listed on the amazon website when I purchased them. While the bows are definitely cute, their large size made it difficult/annoying to complete normal tasks (i.e. washing dishes, washing my hair). However, with a good amount of nail glue these bows stayed on my nails for 5 days before coming off. One came off while I was working out at the gym and the second one I ended up snapping off myself after it became caught in my hair one too many times.

Maybelline Color Show - Sapphire Siren
Color Club -  Orna-Minted
3D Bow Ties (amazon)

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