How do you care for your nails?

Nail care is pretty easy once you develop a routine and find products that work for you. I think one of the best things you can do for your nails is to always have them polished, even if it’s just a quick layer of top coat. I find that my nails don’t break as easily when they are polished. When I am in a rush and don’t have time for nail art, I will throw on a thin coat of Julep’s Oxygen Nail Treatment. I love this stuff because it protects your nails from breakage, has a pink tint to it so that your nails don’t feel naked, and it dries pretty quickly.

My typical go to cuticle treatment is Julep’s Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum. This serum comes in a handy pen shaped bottle with a brush at the end, which makes application super easy. I find the serum hydrates my nail beds and cuticles without leaving me feeling sticky or greasy. It also absorbs pretty fast. If I haven’t taken care of my cuticles in a few days and they are a bit dry, I would use Julep’s Essential Cuticle Oil, which from my experience, is a heavier product. It comes in roller ball form, so application takes a bit more finesse than with the Serum pen.

Finally, if I have had a swatch-a-thon and my cuticles look drier than the Sahara Desert, I will break out my Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter. This stuff is the Vin Diesel of cuticle products. I typically only use this when my cuticles need some serious lovin’. It comes in what looks like a small lip balm case so I apply it around my cuticles generously using a nail art brush. Keep in mind, this product is a butter and therefore much heavier/thicker than a serum or oil (but I find it keeps my cuticles hydrated for longer). My favorite thing to do is apply a ton on my nails/cuticles right before I go to bed and just let it sit and absorb into my skin overnight. The next morning, my cuticles look refreshed, moisturized and good to go (with no staining on my sheets!).

*Please remember that this is my personal experience with these products and not everyone may have the same experience. It may be best to look up further reviews of these products before making a purchase.

How did you learn to do nails? Are you a professional? 

Practice, practice, practice! Nope, not a licensed professional, just a girl who loves playing with polish! I have thought about going to nail school and maybe it’s something I might pursue in the future. Who knows, let’s see what happens! I started doing my nails in high school as a hobby and got better over time, with practice (and a lot of nail polish remover lol). My hobby exploded once I reached adulthood and became able to buy my own polish. I learned how to do my nails through trial and error, as well as through researching different techniques, products, etc. and asking for advice from others. If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask!

Are your nails real?

Yup, they are all mine.

How do you take your photos?

The camera I use for my photos is a Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR. In order to take color accurate photos, I adjust the white balance on my camera so that my photos depict how the polish appears in real life/in person. To help with color accuracy, I use a make shift light box with an ottlite lamp (this uses a full spectrum light bulb which helps with picture clarity and detail). Instead of having a traditional light box, I removed the top of my box and place a piece of tissue paper over my lamp, to help diffuse light and reduce bulb glare. There is no particular reason why I choose this method, but I find that it is easier for me to take photos this way than with a traditional light box. If I am photographing a holographic polish (which looks best in direct sunlight), I will sometimes just grab my camera and take the photo outside in natural sunlight (these photos are normally labeled as such).

What is your favorite brand of polish? Who do you recommend?

That’s a hard question! There are so many brands that I love, I can’t just pick one! My blog features a healthy mix of indie and mainstream brands so I will give you a few from both. For mainstream, I would say Maybelline Color Show, Revlon, China Glaze, and Zoya. My favorite indie brands are ILNP, KB Shimmer, Too Fancy Lacquer, and Polish Me Silly. I will probably add to this list as I discover new brands.

Who are your favorite bloggers? 

Too many to pick just one! These bloggers are all wonderful. Aside from tremendous skill and amazing nail art designs, they are also super helpful with information regarding various nail related topics (nail care, nail photography, working with brands, etc). Many of the things I have learned since I began my nail blogging journey, I learned from these lovelies.

Chalkboard Nails

Mercurial Magpie

Nails of Aquarius

More Nail Polish


These ladies don’t blog anymore, but you should still take a look at their work because they are amazing.


Chloe’s Nails

I want to show you my blog/web page. How can I contact you?

I would love to see it! Instead of leaving a link in the comments section, please send me an email! onwednesdayswewearpolish@gmail.com

Can I share/pin your photos?

Yes! I love sharing my work with others! However, my photos may not be altered in any way, and my content/photos may not be used for profit (this includes using my photos commercially, such as using my photo’s to sell the photographed product without my express written permission). This is non-negotiable. You may share my photos on social media as long as you give me proper credit by linking back to this blog and/or providing the web address http://onwednesdayswewearpolish.blogspot.com

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