Friday, October 17, 2014

Mega Super Ultra Badass Halloween Nail Art Giveaway Extreme

Hi everyone! So today's post is a bit longer and more photo heavy than normal, but stay with me! If you read through to the end, I promise you'll find some exciting stuff! :)

So if you've been following the nail art world through social media, you probably know that Halloween is right around the corner. I've seen mummy nails, zombie nails, and even bloody nails complete with stitches and all! This design, by PiggieLuv is one of my favorites. It manages to be freaky and completely awesome at the same time! But since the sight of blood makes me queasy, I decided to go cutesy for Halloween. Here's my first contribution to the Halloween nail art scene for the season!

So what I like about this mani is how simple it was to do! The other day I was walking around Duane Reade and spotted these super cute Halloween nail stickers and tattoos (stickers are on my ring finger and pointer and tattoos are on my pinkie, middle finger, and thumb). Unlike Incoco or Sally Hansen nail strips, the full nail designs (ring and pointer) are not actual nail polish. Essentially, you stick them on, press them down, and you are good to go. What I liked about these in particular was that they gave you 32 (so that you have room to mess up lol) and they come in both a full and french design. That way, you can wear a full design one week and a French design the next. 

However, I did have two problems with these stickers.

The first issue was that these stickers did not fully fit my nails. This isn't so much an issue with the manufacturing of the stickers, as it being that my nails were simply a bit too wide for these. Although the package says you can stretch the design for a "perfect fit", I found these would only stretch so much. Hence someone with smaller nails might be very successful with these. But if you have bigger nail beds like I do, these might not work for you. Thankfully, these do come in different sizes so I picked out the ones that fit my nails and incorporated them into my manicure. (You can top coat these without wrinkling BTW. I used Seche Vite). 

However, the second issue may have been a manufacturing one. I found that the full nail stickers did not lay perfectly flat on my nail, the way Incoco strips do. If you look closely at the top of my pointer and ring finger, you can see the exposed tip of my bare nail. This is because the tip of the nail sticker, once placed, had a small wrinkle in it and would not lay flat. I tried pressing it down repeatedly and added Seche Vite, hoping that it would smooth out the wrinkle but that did not work for me. Because of the wrinkle, the tip of the nail strip kept coming up, which is why you can see the tip of my nail underneath. I have to say that I do like these strips because they have fun designs and are easy to use, plus there's no clean up time (obviously lol). But I would suggest wearing these just for a special event or a night out on Halloween. Though the package says you can get 10 days use out of them, I don't know if they would last that long. The wrinkle caused my nail strips to get caught on things during the day, which gradually lifted it off of my nail.

What I did absolutely fall in love with were the nail tattoos! These were fabulous and very easy to use. Not to mention, the designs were adorable. My only complaint would be that some of the designs were not doubled, so that if I used a tattoo on one hand, I did not have the same image to use on my other hand. But really, I don't have like an actual valid complaint. Once I painted my white base coat and let that dry, I removed the clear film from the tattoo and pressed the image where I wanted it to be. Then I splashed a few drops of water on the back and BAM! Instant Halloween. How cute is the haunted house on my middle finger? The monster on my thumb was definitely my favorite of the bunch though! Doesn't he look twisted? He reminds me of Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Zoya - Kerry
Milani - White

Mega Super Ultra Badass 
Halloween Nail Art Giveaway Extreme

For those of you who are wondering, my boyfriend came up with my giveaway title lol

And now onto the fun part! A while back I promised my readers that once I hit 500 likes on facebook I would host a giveaway.  Well...the time has come! Since I recently reached 500, I have decided to thank you guys for your support with my very first giveaway. And because of the timing, I have included a whole bunch of fun Halloween themed nail art!

Let’s take a look at the fabulous prizes. One lucky winner will win all of the following:
*pumpkins not included :)

2 Sally Hansen (Complete Salon Manicure) Polishes
Vintage Confetti: pink and black hexagon glitter, micro pink and gold glitter, and micro red bar glitter in a clear base
Golden Rust: orange and gold hexagon glitters in a black jelly base.

2 Sally Hansen (Diamond Strength) Polishes
Save the Date: Rich plum shimmer polish.
Black Diamonds: Black shimmer polish packed with silver glitter.

2 Sinful Colors Polishes
Charmed: pastel silver multi-color glitter polish.
Vintage: gunmetal gray glitter polish. 

2 GOSH Polishes
Galaxy: gunmetal grey/bronze multi-color glitter polish.
Gasoline: rich purple and blue glitter in a magenta jelly base. 

Kiss Halloween Nail Art Stickers

2 Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Stickers 
Hallowscene (glow in the dark)
Little Black Lace (real lace fabric) 

Revlon Nail Art Jewel Appliques Nail Stickers (Python and Petals)

In sum, one lucky winner will win this jackpot!

This giveaway will run starting today 10/17 until 10/23 at midnight (EST). That way I will be able to ship out the items so that the recipient will receive their package before/by Halloween! You can enter by using the raffle-copter below. Please see giveaway rules and restrictions first.

Giveaway Rules and Restrictions

~ US entries only please.

~ While I will package the items for safe shipping, On Wednesdays, We Wear Polish cannot be held responsible for replacing items that become damaged (i.e. broken polish) during shipping.

~ The giveaway will begin today (10/17) and end on 10/23 at midnight. On the morning of the 24th, a winner will be chosen (by raffle-copter), announced on my Facebook page, and contacted via email. The winner will have until 10AM (EST) on Saturday the 25th to respond. Otherwise, a runner up will be chosen.

Good Luck!

XOXO, On Wednesdays, We Wear Polish


  1. Thanks so much for the chance. :) I'm not the winner of the family (lol just the mom) however I like to try.. :)

  2. Thanks so much for entering! And it's always worth trying, you never know!

  3. Your hubby came up with an awesome give-away name. :D Thank you for hosting!
    Good luck to everyone entering!
    Happy Halloween!

    1. haha I told him you said so, and now he won't stop bragging lmao Good luck!

  4. I LOVE the name for this giveaway! :) Thanks so much for the chance. The ghostie on your nails is really cute too :)