Monday, January 27, 2014

Love and Glitter - A Valentine's Day Mani

Morning! Sorry for the delay in posting, but things have been a bit crazy. Between work and preparing for school (which unfortunately starts this week), I have had very little time to relax, let alone do my nails! Although for me, that's really like the same thing. So just a short post for you guys today.

I know Valentine's Day is still about two weeks away, but most stores started displaying Valentine's Day decorations/chocolates right after Christmas. Because clearly, if you buy Valentine's Day chocolate on December 28th, it will still be good by February 14th *rolls eyes". Anyway, I figured posting this a little early was okay. According to retail standards, this mani is technically a little late haha.

So this time, I diverted from my usual style, bright and flashy, and opted for something a little more delicate and cutesy. 

For this mani, I did one base coat of Petite's Peach Blush, which is a pale, but bright pink with a slight gold shimmer. Over it, I painted two coats of Gosh's Silk, which is a super sheer French manicure pink. Layering these two colors toned down the brightness of Peach Blush, but let some of the shimmer seep through. You can see the color difference if you look at my ringer finger, where I did two normal coats of Peach Blush. 

Then I added Hard Candy's Party Central, a fabulous glitter polish filled with blue, purple, gold, orange, green, and white, small and large hexagon glitters in a clear base. I usually don't layer colors like this, so I included a picture of the bottles so you could get a sense of how the layering changed the tone of the colors I used. 

*** Swatch from

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