Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Feeling Blue

Hello lovies! Hope you survived last week's polar vortex!

So, why am I feeling blue you ask? Well when I did this mani last week, the temperature had gone below 10 degrees and when I went outside and looked at my hands, they were so cold they looked blue! Hence, I did my nails to match

For this mani, inspired by the winter chill, I used a gradient technique on my middle and pinkie finger, and on my thumb. For my pointer finger, I used some nail art brushes to swirl two colors together in honor of the winter wind, which is sucking all of the moisture out of my hands by the way. I have gone through so many bottles of lotion this season, it's not even funny!

But I must confess...there is another reason I am feelng blue. I have to say when I first did this mani I felt sort of eh about it, and looking at it now, I feel the same. I think I have been running low on inspiration the past few weeks, and when I sit down to do my nails, sometimes I draw a blank.

That being said, I need your help. What do you do when you need nail art inspiration? So my muses, send me a suggestion in the comments section. What kind of nail art do you think I should do next?

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  1. This is so pretty! Reminds me of a chilly ocean scape with hidden treasures underneath :)

    When I have art-block I find that looking at anything But other people's nail art is the way to go. I usually dive into macro photography until the colors and textures get my brain going again. Otherwise I look to my favorite media to come up with inspired-by posts :)