Saturday, December 28, 2013

Snow Flurries

Hi! Did everyone have a good Christmas? Did you indulge in Christmas ham, Christmas cookies and egg nog? Did you watch Home Alone 1 & 2? I know I did. What Christmas is complete without watching Kevin McCallister paint a sneer on his face and say,  "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal". 
Love that movie.

The one thing I didn't get for Christmas? Snow!

But first, did you get anything fun for Christmas? Besides the usual (money, cards, clothes) I did get some nail related goodies! A friend bought me two spectacular Michael Khors nail polishes (retailing at $18 each...yowza!) and my boyfriend got me a bundle monster nail plate organizer. So now instead of rummaging through a make-up bag for the plates I want to use, I can now conveniently flip through my nail plate binder and clearly see all the images on my plates. I have to say, once I organized all of my plates, I did get a little turned on. Yayy for organization! 

What else did I get? Well a few days after Christmas, I took a trip to my favorite nail polish supply store, located in Queens. 

It's beautiful isn't it? It's really more of a warehouse. What I love about this place is they sell to individuals. Some beauty stores only sell their products in bulk and also, will only sell to you if you are a licensed salon owner. But not this place!

So what inspired this trip? Well, if you go back a few posts, you'll see that I did a post about my boyfriend's group, Quartet Plus 1. Long story short, I bet him that using my blog, I could get his group more attention. In the end, he promised me that for every three likes he received on the Quartet Plus 1 face book page, he would buy me one bottle of nail polish. His page started out with 61 likes and at the end of our bet

- pause for draumatic effect -

he had 89! You know what that means! 9 shiny new bottles for me.

The irony of it all? My boyfriend now has more facebook likes than I do! So if you like my designs, help me reach 100 likes by New Year's Eve! You can like my page here. <3.

Anyway, I'm splitting up my winnings so some of the polishes will be polishes that have been on my wish list, some will be indies, and some will be polishes that catch my eye in stores. So far, these are the 4 hubby bought me during our trip. (Side Note: The blue and gold Essie's are really good for stamping.) I'll show you my final haul when everything is purchased!

So the excursion was a pleasant after Christmas trip...but as I said, the one thing I wanted for Christmas but never seem to get is (drum roll)...Snow!

So to replace the snow I did not get this Christmas, I wore this mani as a prayer to the snow Gods. I used Blue Slate, a lovely blue/gray creme which I received in my monthly Julep Maven subscription. Over it, I stamped some snowflake patterns and finally, added some glitter. The glitter is also from Julep and really helps to recreate that I'm-walking-in-a-snow-storm-and-I-can't-see, feeling!

Hope you enjoyed this mani!

Revlon - Blue Slate (base)
Julep - Paris (sparkle)
Konad White
Konad M59 - snowflakes

Store Purchases
Essie - Penny Talk
Essie - Blue Rhapsody
Essie - In Stiches
OPI - Ski Teal we Drop


  1. Will you share the info on this place in Queens? Inquiring minds need to know! So glad we helped you reach your goal as well as helping out the hubs!

  2. Always happy to share! I can't tell you how much I love this place! It's in the middle of nowhere, right next to Queens College (Take either the Q17, Q25, or Q34 bus and get off at the Dunkin Donuts and walk 2 or 3 blocks back). They aren't super big on customer service (no one will ask you if you need help) because they mostly sell to the nail salon next door to them. But if you ask if they have a certain product, they are always helpful and the prices are pretty good. They mostly sell OPI, Color Club, Essie and China Glaze. OPI is $6.50 ($9 in stores) and Essie 5.50 ($8 in stores)

    Let me know what you get!

    5906 Kissena Blvd
    Flushing, NY 11367
    Neighborhoods: Queensborough Hill, Flushing
    (718) 321-0888

    1. Darn it. Why am I just finding out about this now that I no longer live in Queens?! D:

  3. Love your snowflakes!! I've seen so many do them with rhinestones or nail studs, but I like much better with glitter.

  4. If you want snow, I am more than willing to share!! I live in northern MN & we have about 2 feet already. UGH. I love your snowfall nails though!! :D Sooo pretty with that Julep Paris over the top. Great job!!
    And that polish warehouse looks incredible. WOW... do you hear angels singing when you walk in there?! :) Congrats on your 9 bottles of polish win - and I just liked your FB page.
    Those Michael Kors polishes are beautiful...what's the one on the left called? Gosh the caps are super cute too! And my mom bought us girls the Bundle Monster organizers and plates last year (thanks to me buying the 2011 set a few months prior)... those things are SO great! Glad you got one too. :)

    1. haha thanks! I would totally move across the street from that polish place if I could, although I would constantly be broke lol haha and the left Khors is Super Star and the right is Runway Star

  5. Next visit to NY to see my husband's family...I know I want to take a day trip here!!!