Sunday, December 1, 2013

Because Who Doesn't Love a Good Bargain?

Happy December 1st! For everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope you survived your relatives, copious amounts of turkey, and unhealthy quantities of pumpkin pie. I feel like I am going to be eating leftover's until Christmas.

And no, you are not allowed to judge me even though it's only 2PM (New York time) and I am already on my second slice of pumpkin pie.


Just a quickie nail post today to share some awesome nail polish deals for Cyber Monday. I feel like we usually don't get deals this good, but this year, many businesses are offering between 20%-40% off, along with sales that will stretch from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. This list was put together by Refined and Polished and lists over 20 stores offering crazy discounts on nail stuff.

Small warning...some of the deals have already expired so pay attention to the details. For example, one Australian company is offering 40% off their polishes expiring on December 1st at midnight. I was ecstatic until I tried to check out and my coupon code didn't work. After several minutes of tantrums, my boyfriend suggested that it's probably because it's already December 2nd in Australia (close to 6AM). Damn New York time. But there are still some great bargains out there! So say thank you to Refined and Polished for being awesome and check out the sale list. Some of my favorite brands are Girly Bits, Pretty Serious, and Dollish Polish. Merry Christmas to me!

Oh and before I forget, here is some nail art! Just because.

The base for this manicure is a lovely pale gray which I purchased from one of my favorite indie sellers, LynbDesigns, who can be found on Etsy. I think she is actually having a sale this weekend too.

I was particularly proud of my thumb, which I think came out cool. I used some of the individual larger sparkles from the Color Club polish and placed them individually on my thumb nail. And the stripes on my ring finger and thumb were done free hand using a small nail striper.

Like what you see? Check out my other designs on pinterest and tumblr : )

I hope you get some awesome bargains!
Let me know what you end up purchasing! : )

LynBDesigns - Eloquent Dust (base)
Sally Hansen - White On
Sally Hansen - Black Out
Color Club - Orna-minted (silver glitter)
Cosmetic Arts - aquamarine sparkle (I feel like these polishes never have actual names)

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