Monday, December 30, 2013

90's Nostalgia

Yes. Another 90's nostalgia post. As we approach a new year, sometimes you can't help but look back.

With all of the 90's nostalgia memes, jokes and "I remember when..." pictures out there, why should I do yet another post, bringing up old memories and the lack of technology from the 90's?

Because the 90's were awesome. That's why.

Disclosure: Some of the items brought up in this post, may not have originated from the 90's (troll dolls, for example, which actually started in the 60's.) However, as a 90's kid, these are some of the things I remember seeing.

Ok, so let's start with the nail art.

Bam! If this manicure doesn't scream 90's, I don't know what does. It's super bright, maybe a little obnoxious and a bit mis-matched...Much like 90's style, if this were an outfit, we aren't quite sure if all of the elements really go together, but boy, does it sure look like fun!

Although I must confess, this manicure was not planned or intended to be a giant 90's nostalgia post. This all started with a recently purchased glitter polish from an indie brand called Starrily that I had been dying to try it out.

Isn't it pretty? So I grabbed a blue and a pink I thought would compliment the glitters nicely and grabbed one of the gold toned Michael Khors polishes I received for Christmas. And this is what I came up with.

But first can we talk about how fabulous the glitter topcoat looks? I love this glitter polish because the glitter bits are huge, both, shiny and matte, and overall, make this topcoat really unique. However, my only issue with this polish (that really happens with all glitter polishes) is that with each coat, you always pick up more clear polish than glitter, resulting in super thick coats, bubbles, and not enough glitter. To get the glitter positioned as I did here, I had to finagle with the brush and individual pieces of glitter, brushing the extra clear coat off of my brush and trying to dab on individual pieces. Still, my coat was a little thicker than I would have liked, which is why you can see some bubbling.

After doing some research online, I found the technique I should have used. Get ready to have your mind blown.The easiest way to apply glitter without all the extra clear coat is to use a make up sponge. After you paint your two base coats, let it dry completely. Then, paint your makeup sponge with the glitter topcoat you want to use. Wait 5 second's or so, so the sponge can soak up some of the clear polish. Then, simply dab the glitter onto your nail and repeat the process as needed until you have the glitter coverage you want.
It's so simple, its ridiculous.

Oh and if anyone is interested, I used the splatter technique for my pointer finger. After painting my base coat. I stuck a straw in a few drops of blue polish and blew through the clean end onto my nail creating splatter patterns. I added some loose glitter purchased from the born pretty store and bam! Instant 90's graffiti nail art. Doesn't this look like something Lisa Frank might wear?

But the best part of this manicure? Telling my boyfriend to help me rummage through the house in search of 90's memorabilia.

We went on a  90's treasure hunt and this is what we found....

Beanie Babies began production in 1993 and soon gained popularity. I had friends who collected ridiculous amount of these toys, convinced that if they kept the tags on and held onto them for long enough, they would be millionaires. But I was one of those kids who took the tags off. Because I am a rebel.

VHS tapes...I know, I know, I'm dating myself. Other wise known as Video Home System, these gained popularity in the 80's and were the objects we used to rent from our local library for sleep overs...only to press play and discover, dum dum dummm...the last a**hole didn't rewind the tape. Curses.

Mixed Tapes - So I babysit a 13 year old, born in 2000 (Isn't that weird???? 2000 feels like it was yesterday). I was telling her that when I was a kid, I had the sound track to Disney's Aladdin on cassette tape. Then she asked me what a cassette tape was.

Troll Dolls - These little creepers began in the 60's, but remained in popularity so by the 90's, we were still seeing commercials about them. I don't know that much about them...except that they are creepy.

And now, for my final picture, I present....a smorgasbord of 90's stuff.

So what do I remember about the 90's? Seeing tons of toy commercials and thinking that when I was an adult and got a job, I was going to buy all of the toys and candy I ever wanted. Now that I'm 23, I'm like haha, I pay rent now, never mind.

What else do I remember? Waking up early Saturday morning to watch Recess, watching The Wonder Years, Marvin's Magic Drawing Board, Gel Pens (for body art, not for drawing), Spice Girls, All That, Are you Afraid of the Dark?, Sock em Boppers, Lisa Frank, Bubble Yum Tape, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Spirograph, Lite Brite, Figure it Out, Lego's, Creepy Crawlers, Pokemon, Operation, Candy Land, Trouble, Clarissa Explains it All, Y2K, Amanda Bynes (before she went crazy),  Cousin Skeeter, Saved by the Bell, Pinky and the Brain, and Goosebumps. And does anyone remember the slime monster from Ghost Writer? I'm still scared of that thing!

Also, my boyfriend just sang the entire jingle to Sock em Bopper's.

What do you remember? Leave me a comment with three of your favorite things from the 90's!

Milani - Pink Out Loud
Maybelline - Shocking Seas
Michael Kors - Runway Star (gold)
Starrily - Balloon Animal


  1. I love this post! Hard to think of 3 that you didn't name already, those were the ones I watched/loved/whatever! Especially Clarissa explains it all, that was my favorite. Oh, and when I won a spy kit from a nickelodeon phone contest when harriet the spy came out :)

    1. haha thanks! Clarissa explains it all was definitely one of my favorite shows too! and omg the spy kit sounds too awesome! I always wanted to be an audience member on Figure it Out and win a prize lol