Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Simple Manicure - Buried Alive and Bold Gold

So normally when it comes to my nails, I tend to go all out. There’s either tons of glitter, nail stamping, some nail tape or something to give it that extra flair. That being said, today’s manicure may surprise you…

Gasp! I know. If anyone has been following my blog up to this point, the simpleness of this manicure is a bit surprising. Originally I had planned to do a little free handing on each nail but when I paired these two colors together, I thought they looked so lovely on their own, I decided to keep it simple.

The brown from Orly is a shimmer with tiny tiny tiny flecks of gold glitter. This polish has a rich color after only two coats. I love the name of this color, Buried Alive (not to mention it is appropriately named for the upcoming Halloween season). The sparkle in the brown really comes alive when photographed in the sun.The gold I used on my ring finger is from Maybelline and is a metallic polish that literally comes out of the bottle looking like gold in liquid form. Because of the pigment density, this color makes a really good stamping polish.

And finally, because these are perfect fall colors and I am trying to up my free hand skills, I free handed some leaves on my thumb.

So that's it for today! But before I go, I have to admit, I feel like I need some inspiration! Does anyone suggest any new colors I should try or maybe some techniques? I need your help! Leave me a comment in the comments section below or write on my Facebook page!

Orly - Buried Alive
Maybelline Color Show - Bold Gold
Gold Striper
Glitter Gold Striper

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