Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two - Toned Gradient Mani

Hi everyone! Just a quickie post for today, since I should be working on my upcoming midterms. Anyway, I wanted to share this mani I did using some color's from Avon's Brushed Metals collection. Love these colors!

For this gradient mani, the two colors I used were Platinum and Burnished Copper. Besides being super shiny and awesome, both of these colors are also slightly textured. I would say they aren't as textured as the colors from the China Glaze Collection or Julie G Gumdrops, but there is definitely a subtle texture difference when compared to normal smooth polish.

Although I liked the textured look of these polishes, I much preferred them with a nice shiny top coat. It took just two coats of Seche Vite to give this manicure a smooth finish.

Leave me a comment! What's your opinion on textured polishes? What are your favorites?

Avon Brushed Metals - Platinum
Avon Brushed Metals - Burnished Copper

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