Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Taxi!!!! A New York City Manicure

Hi all! So today I have what I think is a pretty a fun manicure! So I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I recently have become a Julep Maven. What this means is that for $20 dollars a month, Julep sends me an email and asks me to choose two polishes and a hand care product or three polishes from their current collection. These items are then mailed to me so every month I get a fun package in the mail! Today, I am showing you the two polishes I received from their Fall collection.

For this mani, I combined Catrina (yellow) and Josephine (grey) in a water marble, using Josephine as my base coat. To add the white accents, I used a dotting tool and Sally Hansen’s, White On.

What do you think?

What’s great about being a maven is that you are not under a contract so you can cancel the services at anytime. Absolutely no stress! Also, if you don’t like the colors Julep has that month, you can skip that month, and wait for next month’s colors. A word of caution though…as I mentioned in a previous post, Julep polishes are quite small, only .27 ounces compared to a normal bottle of polish which is .4 or .5 ounces....so you are getting quite a small amount of polish for $20. However, what I have found is that because I always expect to get two polishes in the mail, I am less inclined to go into a store and binge buy nail polish, so being a maven has saved me a bit of money that way.

Not sure why, but after I did this manicure I kept thinking about taxi cabs. Super random, I know, especially since whenever anyone thinks of taxi cabs they normally think of check board patterns and black and yellow. However, something about the swirling of the water marble and the dots reminded me of the craziness of the city, rushing people, and the yellow and grey blur of rushing cabs

Julep Catrina (yellow)
Julep Josephine (grey)
Sally Hansen - White On

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