Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fancy Feet

Morning! So at the moment, I am writing this post on the New York City 4 train, on my way to class. Ew. Anyway, now that September has arrived and brought with it a small morning chill in the air, I have finally accepted that summer is over : /

That being said, I present to you, my last summer pedicure…

So today's pedicure was not inspired by anything in particular...although at the time I did this, I wanted to do something summery and bright which led me to the gorgeous bright red I have. This color is called Everybody Loves Redmond, a play on words from the hit TV show, Everybody loves Raymond. Any fans out there?

Anyway, I paired this with my favorite gold sparkle, also from Wet and Wild and finally a diamond  pattern stamped from a Bundle Monster Plate (details below).

So, a quick question to any of my readers...and please feel free to respond in the comment section. Unfortunately, for those of us in the New York area, we know that summer is slowly coming to a close (mehhhhh). Now I will admit during fall/winter, when I don't show off my feet as much, I get lazy and don't do my toes super often. I tend to just file my nails and throw on a coat of clear. So this is my question...does anyone do pedicures during winter also? If so, whats your favorite winter pedicure/color?

Wet and Wild - Everybody Loves Redmond
Wet and Wild - The Gold and the Beautiful
BM16 - Diamond Pattern

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  1. I do pedicures in the winter. I like to see them when I walk around the house since I'm typically barefoot. I tend to stick to darker colors in the winter for some reason. Reds, purples, blues.