Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Wedding Mani

Hello lovies! I have to admit I am super excited to share this mani with you today! So you know me...I am all about the back story....

So about a year ago I found out that one of my cousin's was getting married...
A few months later I received the wedding invitation in the mail...
And about 3 weeks ago, I realized the wedding was fast approaching and I had nothing to wear...


Luckily, after some rummaging in my closet I found a dress I had forgotten about...and it turned out to be perfect! It's a form fitting, one shoulder, a little shorter than knee length, black dress made of a sort of satiny material with orangey red  roses/leaves on it. Absolutely perfect for a fall wedding.

So first, here is a swatch of fabric…

...and here are the colors/design I came up with to match. What do you think?

 I think I matched the colors pretty well. Of course the black was the easy part, but the orange did throw me off a bit. Luckily, after digging around in my collection,  I found a shimmery bright orange (L'Oreal The Muse's Inspiration) that matched the dress perfectly. 

And here is my boyfriend "photo bombing"  my picture...

In all honesty, when I first started this mani, I had no idea where I was going to go with it.  I experimented with a few designs and found that I liked all of them so I used them all! Looking back though, I think I might have not used the two leaf patterned nails. If I did this again, I think I would leave my ring finger the way it is, and do the design on my middle finger on all of my other nails. What do you think?

Oh and the wedding was fabulous! There was tons of champage, love, cake, and good music. Both my cousin and the bride are super geeks (I mean that in the BEST way possible) so aside from their normal wedding cake, a friend made them another cake designed like a Pokemon ball. On the very top of the Pokemon ball,  the friend placed custom made character cards with their names, pictures, and abilities on them. Super cute! And apparently my cousin knew he would marry his wife on the first date they had, when she shared her zombie apocalypse survival plan with him. But the best part of the wedding? My cousin's vows to his new wife. Aside from talk about video games, Dr. Who, and love at first site, he ended by saying, "This player 1, has finally found his player 2."

“Two people in love, alone, isolated from the world, that's beautiful.”
― Milan Kundera

Sally Hansen - Black Out
L'Oreal - The Muse's Inspiration
Mash 50 - Leaves
BM14 - Rose
Dotting Tool