Thursday, October 17, 2013

Along Came a Spider - Another Halloween Mani!

Another Halloween mani for you guys today, as promised! So whenever anyone thinks of Halloween, they think of black and orange, purple and orange, orange and green etc. I considered most of those colors and originally wanted to do this mani in black and orange, but then I thought of this...

Black and white! A litte untraditional for Halloween, but that's what Halloween is all about!

So to achieve this look, I used Sally Hansen's White On and Juleps, Casper. For my pinky, middle finger, and pointer I did a tape mani first using White On. Over the white, I painted Casper which is a clear shimmer polish during the day, but glows in the dark  at night! (Unfortunately, my camera couldn't pick up the glowing affect, so I just have day time shots). Once those two coats dried, I used a black Konad polish to stamp on the diamond pattern and then using tweezers, added the silver nail tape.

For my ring  finger and thumb, I first painted my nail white, added Casper, and then threw on some glitter and added a creepy crawler from a Mash stamping plate (info below).


And here is casper, while glowing in the dark so you can get a sense of what it looks like.
And more photos!
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Sally Hansen - White On
Julep - Casper
Color Club - Orna-Minted (glitter)
BM16 - Diamond Checkers
Mash 38 - Spider
Konad Black

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