Thursday, February 27, 2014

Doodle Art

So when it comes to nail art, I am not much of a planner. During the week I might have a few ideas pop into my head, but in general, I never know what I am going to do with my nails until I open that first bottle of polish. Sometimes, my spontaneous designs come out great and I keep the same design on for a few days. Other times, I come up with a design that I end up taking off the very next day. Worse still, there are times where I try on 75694 different colors, nothing seems to look right, and I go to bed with naked nails.

Thankfully, this is not one of those times.

Every once in a while, I manage to really impress myself.  I was so happy with how this spontaneous design came out, that I wore it for almost a full week!

I told you, you would be seeing my matte topcoat again! Anyway, I think the matte look really completes this design for me. The combination of the white and pale blue polish with the matte top coat sort of makes my base look like loose leaf paper. I call this "doodle art" because this mani reminds me of something you might draw in the margin of a notebook in boredom. Thinking about it, this brings me straight back to highschool, being bored in class and doodling on looseleaf paper while taking notes. Does anyone even use looseleaf anymore?

While I do love this mani, it took FOREVER to do. Even though I used Seche Vite to speed up the drying process, this look definitely took some patience. But overall, I am super pleased with how it turned out.

And now a question for the audience! What's the MOST amount of time you have ever spent on a mani?

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  1. I'm answering the question. Days. I have literally spent days on a mani but in one sitting, I did four hours just the other day. =\

  2. I totally have respect for that! I think the most time I have ever spent is probably 2.5 hours in one sitting. Although sometimes I get super lazy and will do my right hand one day and my left hand the next day! :)