Saturday, January 3, 2015

Snow Storm Featuring Zoya Dream

Today's design was inspired by the one thing we didn't get a lot of this holiday season, snow!

I am a huge fan of snowflake mani's and if you guys wouldn't get sick of them, I would probably spend the entire winter season doing nothing but snowflakes!

So recently, I started working with NYC Fashion Blogger Ashlie, from Her site is filled with creative fashion looks and advice! Aside from her amazing fashion sense and fabulous wardrobe, she is also a nail junkie!  1-2 times a month, we get together, bring our favorites polishes and nail art tools, and come up with fun designs. During our last nail meet up, she introduced me to the color I used for this mani, Zoya Dream. Check out the look we created here.


I know it's an old color (from Zoya's 2013 Winter Collection, Zenith Holiday), but the second I saw it in action, I fell in love. Hard. Dream is a stunning cerulean blue polish with scattered holographic glitter (the holo is easier to see in person). The formula was a good consistency and easy to work with.  Though typically I only need one coat for Zoya glitters, I used two here for full opacity. 

So after doing Ashlie's nails, I felt inspired to do my own! I used Zoya Dream as my base and then stamped on some snowflakes using a Moyou London stamping plate. To really make this mani look like a snow storm, I then added some glitter around the snowflakes using Julep polishes, Paris and Kirby. And bam, instant winter storm :)

Thanks for stopping by everyone! I hope you guys have something fun planned for today! I plan on sleeping, getting some yummy greasy food, and doing my nails!

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Zoya - Dream
Julep - Paris
Julep - Kirby
Moyou London Christmas Collection 02 - Various Snowflakes