Saturday, January 24, 2015

Shiny Chevrons

Hey you guys! I'm so happy it's Saturday. Aside from sleeping in and being in pajamas all day, I finally have time to blog and share a design I wore recently.

So the past few weeks, I've noticed that chevron nail art has become a thing and I wanted to try out the look for myself. For my base, I used Essie's Beyond Cozy, which is a silver glitter polish with slight gold undertones. I was originally attracted to Beyond Cozy precisely because it isn't your typical perfect silver polish. In person, it almost looks like its muted silver with a bit of tarnish to it. Although Essie does not list Beyond Cozy as a textured polish, it does dry kind of matted and grainy. I liked the way it looked when it dried, so I stamped over it and decided to skip topcoating altogether.

Although most people use nail vinyls for chevrons, I used a chevron design from one of my bundle monster plates to create this look. I haven't experiemented with vinyl's yet, but I definitely want to pick up some soon. Does anyone have any suggestions on brands I should try? Leave me a suggestion in the comments section :)

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Essie - Beyond Cozy
Konad Black
BM423 -  Chevron Pattern


  1. This looks great! I really like KBShimmer vinyls, they work out really well for me.

    1. Thanks! I have heard some good stuff about the KBShimmer vinyls.