Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Geometric Nail Art

Hi everyone! I’ve been having a lot of firsts lately. Last week I decided to try my very first chevron design. This week, I was feeling brave and decided to try some geometric nail art! What do you think?

When I finished this design, I wasn’t too crazy about it, but it’s really starting to grow on me! For this look, the most important tools I used were Seche Vite, scotch tape, and a thin nail art brush. My first step was painting my white base (2 coats using Milani White). My second step was to add a coat of Seche Vite, for two reasons. One, this topcoat sped up my drying time (because really I have no patience lol). Two, having a clear coat was helpful after my third step, using tape to create the black geometric designs. Let me explain.

After I did my coat of Seche Vite, I placed the tape where I wanted my design to go and painted that section in black. In most cases, when I removed the tape immediately after painting the black design, I had a perfectly clean line. (Note: It’s best to pick up the tape immediately after painting while the coat is still wet. If you let it sit and dry too long, when you pull up the tape, you may also pull up some of your base coat.) However, because I’m not perfect (Gasp! I know, right!), there were a few instances where I pulled up the tape and some of my black polish had seeped underneath, creating an uneven line. When this happened, I simply pulled out my thinnest nail art brush and 100% acetone. Using the brush dipped in acetone, I was able to paint over the imperfect black lines and “erase” the imperfections to create straight black lines. In order to help contour the black lines, I had to sweep my brush over my white base (which should have gotten messed up, being that 100% acetone really eats through polish). However, because I had first applied a coat of SV (between my white base and black geometric shapes), my brush only affected the clear top coat, leaving my white base underneath untouched!

I just read that over and I know it’s a bit confusing. I really hope at least some of that makes sense lol

Anyway, not too shabby for my first geometric right?

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  1. I love how this turned out! My geometric manis always turn out funky, I think because I over-think them. LOL!

    1. Thanks! and I totally know what you mean! I got lucky with this one and just decided to wing it!