Tuesday, December 16, 2014

'Tis the Season for Holiday Nail Art

Hello everyone! Well, if you have been paying attention the past few weeks, you've probably noticed that there's non stop Christmas music playing on every radio station, there are Chistmas lights in every window, and every single store is packed full of panicked shoppers. 'Tis definitely the season.

But let's not forget that the holiday season isn't just about presents and shiny lights.

For those of us in the nail world, we all know that this season is all about fun holiday nail art!

Oh! And friends and family. Let's not forget about them, too :) lol But onto the nail art!

For this look, I combined two stunning shades by Milani and Julep. For my base, I used two coats of Julep Jameson, a more red than burgundy, burgundy red (I hope that made sense).

I'm pretty sure I have described my love/hate relationship with Julep polishes before. I have been a Julep Maven for a while now (meaning I have a monthly subscription) and always enjoy getting their nail mail. However, .27 ounces of polish (compared to a normal bottle of polish which is .4 or .5 ounces) sometimes just doesn't do it for me. I mean, I do love their beauty products and cuticle oil and the formula in their polishes is nice. But sometimes receiving .27 ounces of polish (especially of a color you really love) feels like getting a half eaten sandwhich or buying a bottle of water that's half empty. Any one else feel this way?

Anyway, after using Jameson as my base, I added Milani Ruby Jewels (a sparkly red jelly) on my pinkie, middle finger, and thumb. To really make this mani pop, I used Chain Reaction (small chain decals) from Sally Hansen and some 3D nail art bows to make my fingers look like small wrapped Christmas gifts.


No, this look isn't entirely practical. Although the bows were pretty small (and the backing of the bows were neatly curved to fit around my nail), they kept getting stuck in my hair when I went to comb it lol. However, I had so much fun with this design and would definitely wear it again, maybe to a special Christmas event. I purchased the bows at a nail/beauty wholesaler that closed a few months ago. However, after some research, I found these little beauties on ebay and they look like they would work just as well!

Stay tuned for more holiday nail art! And maybe a holiday giveaway post...that might be up by Friday. Hint, hint :) Thanks for stopping by!

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Milani - Ruby Jewels
Julep - Jameson

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