Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ILNP Black Orchid

So all in all, it's been a fun summer. We've been to pool parties, barbecues, and summer concerts. We've seen beach manicures, flower dotticures, and the occasional sailor themed pedicure.

But recently, there has been a soft chill in the morning air and some of us are starting to crave pumpkin flavored things. Its beginning to look like summer is over. Well, at least in New York. Although considering it's supposed to be 80 degrees this Sunday (the same day I go apple picking), maybe we have a few summery days left.
But you get my point.

In a few weeks, all the loud and bright colors we grew to love over the summer will migrate to the back of our Helmer's. Instead, we will reach for deep blues, dark reds, and creamy browns. And most likely, colors like the one you see below. This little beauty is part of the I Love Nail Polish Fall Collection for 2014. Definitely check that out because every single color is absolutely gorgeous. Duochromes, holo's, glitter' name it, it's in there. The two polishes I purchased from this collection were Fall Semester (a stunning dark teal holographic polish) and Black Orchid which is featured below (a deep purple/burgundy holographic polish). In my opinion, this is the epitome of a fall color. It's dark, rich, and a beautiful shade of purple. As you can see, indoors, it is absolutely lovely.

But outside, in full sun, it's even better. Aside from being a lovely fall color inside, Black Orchid is also a linear holographic polish outside.

As is typical with ILNP polishes, the formula was perfect. I achieved the richness of color you see with just two coats of polish and one coat of Seche Vite as my topper. Though this polish is lovely enough to be worn on it's own, I added a flower water decal on my ring finger, purchased from my favorite place, the Born Pretty Store. *Be sure to use my code CJCX31 for 10% off your entire Born Pretty Order! 

What are your "must have" nail color's for fall?

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I Love Nail Polish - Black Orchid
Purple Flower Water Decal - Born Pretty Store


  1. Beautiful! I have this polish but am hanging on to summer brights for a little longer before I let myself be drawn into the dark side. Here in Houston (TX), the sub-tropical weather is still in full control! Thank you for the gorgeous photos!