Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Firecracker Lacquer: The Captivating Creature Collection

*Items in this post were provided for review.

Hey everyone! So today's post is a super special post for me because I am doing my very first nail polish review! Squee!!! (that's my happy sound, for those of you who are wondering lol).

So recently, I was introduced to a very cool indie nail polish brand called Firecracker Lacquer (5 free). Today, I have two polishes to show you from their latest line, The Captivating Creature Collection, which will be released on August 8th. Be sure to read through to the bottom of the post for a special offer!

First up is Flamingo Fanfare which is a stunning watermelon pink polish. Though it is listed as a linear holographic polish, I found that in natural light, it has more of a soft scattered holo effect. I think the type of holo effect you see may depend on the lighting you are in. Shown below is two coats (with no topcoat) which gave me a very close to opaque finish. This polish dries semi matte so to really show off the holo, I recommend adding a topcoat. The formula on this was absolutely perfect. It wasn't too thin or thick and went on smoothly. 

In full sunlight, you can see the holo effect a bit more.

Next up is Canary Cavalcade. Don't you love that name? What's funny about this, is that I am normally not a fan of yellow polishes because they are too extreme. They are either too soft or too mustard-y. However, I love this color and have never met a more perfect yellow. It's not too in your face or too pale. Rather, this polish is a lovely shade, probably best described as butter cup yellow. This polish is also listed as holographic, but I found that the effect was a bit more difficult to see than with Flamingo Fanfare. This is three coats without a topcoat. I found that after two coats, there was still a bit of streakiness so I added a third for good measure (But I think streakiness is a problem with most yellow polishes). As with Flamingo Fanfare, the formula was perfect and easy to apply. I look forward to snatching up the rest of the colors from this collection!

And in addition to this collection, Firecracker Lacquer will also be adding rhinestones and nail studs to their shop! These were super fun to play with and with a bit of nail polish, easy to apply. The studs available with this launch are circles, squares, triangles, stars, and hearts in neon and triangles in silver. Rhinestones are available in bright colors, and iridescent finish.

Be sure to check out the other color's from the Captivating Creature Collection:

- Macaw March
- Shark Show
- Parrot Procession
- Penguin Parade.

The Captivating Creature Collection will go live at 10am MST on August 8th. The polishes will be 9$ each and each bag of nail studs/rhinestones will be 1$.

But wait! There's more! From August 8th through August 26th, a free limited edition polish will be included with any order $25 or higher. Rumor has it that if you love glitter, you will love the limited edition polish! Be sure to mark your calendar and follow Firecracker Lacquer on facebook for more information!

Fire Cracker Lacquer - Canary Cavalcade
Fire Cracker Lacquer - Flamingo Fanfare


  1. I am so glad I could be your first brand! ♥ You did an amazing job on these. I seriously love what you did with the studs! Thank you so much for your review!