Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The "Helmer Fudd" aka The Helmer (Nail Polish Storage)

Hi everyone! So this post is a little different from my usual in that I don't have a manicure for you today. Instead, I have a review of a nail polish storage item that I just purchased.
Stay tuned for a quick review and some funny pictures!

So, a while ago I posted a picture of my old nail polish storage box. I purchased this three drawer item at the Christmas Tree Shop several months ago. It's really more of an office storage item which can be purchased at any Staples-esque store. However, it served it's purpose. It allowed me to separate my creme's from my glitter's and gave me some visibility when looking for polish.

But in doing some research on polish storage, I found an awesome post from Manicurity which discusses the two most common and widely used items for polish storage, Helmer's and Melmer's. As you will learn from Manicurity, a Helmer is a 6 drawer storage item (Width: 11 " Depth: 16 3/4 " Height: 27 1/8 ") that is sold by Ikea for $40. It comes in 3 different colors (Red, White, and Silver) and can easily be decorated using spray paint, stickers, etc. It can hold between 400 - 600 bottles (Manicurity states that 500 is a good estimate) and is pretty compact. 

A Melmer on the other hand, is a 3 drawer storage box that is most commonly used for craft supplies. Melmer's are sold at most craft stores (e.g. Michaels) and are also used for polish storage. These cost between $30 and $40. However, if you are looking to purchase this item, do not go into Michael's and ask for a Melmer. I am actually not sure what the "offical name" of this item is. It seems that this storage item is called a Melmer because it comes from Michael's (as opposed to the Helmer from Ikea). So basically, it's just the Michael's version of a Helmer. Hence, the Melmer. 

Each piece of storage has it's pro's and cons, most of which are discussed in the Manicurity post. It's very well written and pretty descriptive, so if you are nail polish storage shopping, I would take a quick glance at it. 

So after reading the post, I decided I needed to get myself a Helmer. On a whim, the boyfriend and I went to Ikea yesterday, just to look around. But as we passed the storage section, I noticed a Helmer and let out a girlish squeal. Said Helmer was then purchased by the boyfriend and assembled last night (also by the boyfriend). The assembly part really wasn't too complicated. It took about twenty minutes for assembly and required minimal use of tools (although having a screwdriver handy would be good). Although the pieces seem a little flimsy at first, once you lock all of them together, it becomes a nice, sturdy, yet compact piece of furniture. It fits my polishes nicely (Julep, OPI, China Glaze, Essie, Sally Hansen, etc) although if you have some taller bottles, I would double check the height dimensions to be safe.

My boyfriend has affectionately named my nail polish storage "The Helmer Fudd".

*no cartoon characters or nail polishes were harmed in the construction of this object*

Stage 1: The Instructions

Stage 2: Organizing the Pieces

 Step 3: Beginning Construction

Step 4: Confusion

Step 5: Successful Completion 

Also, can we talk about how my first blog anniversary was yesterday and I totally forgot about it? lol That's my life. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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