Monday, June 30, 2014

I Love Nail Polish Blue Steel = SO MANY RAINBOWS (Just Add Sunlight)

Afternoon lovies. So today, I am beginning this blog post with a confession: I have just discovered holographic polishes. 

I know that must sound ridiculous. I have been blogging for a bit over a year and consider myself pretty up to date in the nail polish world. I have used cremes, metallics, glitter toppers, fuzzy-coat polishes, textured polishes, polishes that shatter...and yet I am telling you that I have just discovered holo's. 

Okay, let me try and explain that a little better. I have just discovered the awesomeness of holographic polishes. Yea, I know I'm a little late. For some reason, I never found myself that interested in holo polishes. Yes, they were pretty and sparkly but it seemed like to get the effect, you needed tons of coats of polish. I had also heard that some holo's got dull when you added a top coat and needed a special topper. It seemed like too much work. But I recently discovered a brand called I Love Nail Polish (known as ILNP) and after seeing some swatches of her holographic polishes, I immediately fell in love. Luckily I had just graduated and had gotten cash as presents, so I decided to spoil myself and pick up a few. Best decision ever.

So one of the colors that I purchased is called Blue Steel and it is the color that is featured on the left side of the photo you are seeing (the blue one lol). The color on the right is Julep Cameron, and while it is a pretty purple shimmer, clearly it is no match for Blue Steel.  In indoor light or shade (as you can see below) Blue Steel is a pretty, shimmery, blue-grey. The formula on this polish was amazing. It went on perfectly smooth and was completely opaque in just two coats (unlike some holo's which need like 6 lol).The results were gorgeous. 

But you know what happens when you add sunlight? SO MANY RAINBOWS

*Cue Hallelujah Chorus *



But wait! Let's add more sunlight!

You get a rainbow and you get a rainbow! Everyone gets rainbows! Yayyyyyy!

So long story short: when all else fails, buy holographic polish and just add sunlight.

XOXO, On Wednesdays, We Wear Polish

Julep - Cameron
ILNP - Blue Steel

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