Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bad Hawaiian Shirt Mani

So we all have that friend. That one person who insists on tropical themed shirts. Or better yet, Hawaiian themed shirts. And despite the 365 days within the year, said person seems to never run out of Hawaiian themed shirts. So this manicure is dedicated to them, just because.

I know, I'm so dramatic. Anyway, I can't remember exactly when, but I'm pretty sure I did this mani a few weeks  in between the madness of studying and finals. Perhaps the Hawaiian theme  and cheeriness of the design was an expression of my need for a vacation. Whenever I got too stressed, I would tell everyone that I was dropping out of school, moving to the Bahamas, and selling surfboards.

Well I am happy to report that I am done with school, still living in the states, and am NOT a surfboard sales woman. And because it's going to be a summery 80 degrees today, I thought I would break out this fabulous mani.

So this design came totally out of the blue. It was only after I finished it, that I realized it was similar to a Hawaiian shirt lol. I had wanted to experiment with some of the Moyou London plates I bought and the Mundo de Unas stamping polishes I purchased a while ago. OMG I am obsessed with these polishes! Although the formula they use is a bit pungent, they are definitely worth it. As far as I know, Mundo de Unas is the only company that manufactures really good stamping polishes in a variety of colors (but someone correct me if I am wrong). Konad makes stamping polishes too, but the color in the Mundo de Unas formula is a lot stronger/brighter, as you can see in the photos (they also stamp well over black). My only mistake with this mani is that the pink polish is a smidge lighter than the blue, so when I stamped the pink flowers over the blue background, a teeny bit of the blue shows through. But eh, practice makes perfect, right?

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Sally Hansen Satin Glam - Sun Sheen (orange)
Mundo de Unas - 24
Mundo de Unas - 55
Moyou London Pro Collection (XL) 11 - 3 petal flowers
Mash 43 - Individual Flowers
Studs - Born Pretty Store

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