Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Halloween Debate...Spooky versus Gory!

Hi guys! In the past few weeks, the weather has been getting chillier, department stores have begun to unleash their premature Christmas displays, and I have felt the overwhelming urge to eat copious amounts of candy. Clearly, Halloween is coming!

With the glorious sugar filled day now upon us, I thought I would show off a fun design for the trick or treat fest.

So, no, these are not your typical Halloween nails. Though most people go for gory designs (bloody nails, eyeballs, dripping blood, etc.), I'm just not into it (though I can definitely appreciate the skill that goes into making the gore lol). I am more of a spooky, creepy, thriller, personality type. Essentially, I would prefer to watch Hide and Seek or Secret Window over Thirteen Ghosts or Amityville Horror. So these nails are more creepy Victorian mansion filled with cobwebs than psycho killer ghost running with a bloody knife. What's your favorite Halloween movie? Do you prefer ghosts and hauntings or crazy axe murderer's?

Wishing everyone a fun and safe Halloween!

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Milani – White On the Spot
California Velvets – Deep Black
Konad White
Konad Black
Moyou London Fashionista Collection – (XL) 07
BM13 – Spiderweb
Mash 38 – Spider


  1. These are really very pretty!! I think that a simple design like this can be more creepy than the gore-fest nails because they are SO pretty, it's unsettling in a way!

    1. :) Thanks! I tend to find that sometimes less is more!