Friday, March 28, 2014

Textured Glitter Gradient

Hi all! Well its a little rainy in my neighborhood so I thought I would post something light and sparkly to brighten up the mood!

    OOO shinyyyy

Does anyone remember that awesome Zoya sale that went on a few months ago? Well, my checking account certainly does. I went a wee bit crazy and among my many purchases, purchased Zoya Vespa, the lovely pale mint green that makes up the base of this mani. Paired with that, I added Julep's Cameron, a pale pink/purple glitter. Not sure why, but I love these colors together! They are both textured polishes, which made blending the gradient super easy. And also here's some sparkly jewelry, just because.


And another thing! If anyone remembers a post I did a few months back  about my boyfriends group, Quartet Plus 1, I finally collected on my reward! I had bet my boyfriend that I could use my blog to get his group more facebook likes. He sort of laughed and said alright, for every three extra likes I get, I will buy you one polish. Well a lot of people must have read that post, because in just 3 days, my boyfriend's group received over twenty likes. In other words, equaling 8 sparkly beauties, for yours truly. These were some I picked out and some he picked out!

Of course, I might be biased but I think his group is awesome! if you have some time, check them out!!media/c1yi7

And I have a double feature for you today! So I'm pretty sure I have mentioned my sister a few times before. Quirky, silly, sometimes (a.k.a. most of the time) crazy, forgetful, clumsy. Basically, myself, just a little bit shorter. 

Anyway, our girls night's often also include mani's! This mani is from a girls night we had a few months ago and I was so pleased with it, I had to show it off. 
No matter what, when we are together, it's always a fun time. Normally it's a mix of nachos, twerking, desert, taco bell, and funny stories, not necessarily in that order. This one's for you, sis.

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My Mani
Zoya - Vespa
Julep - Cameron

My Sister's Mani
Essie - Blue Rhapsody
Zoya - Crystal
Moyou London Pro Collection 01 (XL) -  medium size polkadots

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