Friday, March 14, 2014

Floral Half Moon Design

OMG! I have been such a bad blogger! Aside from not posting in over a week, I have been so busy that my nails have been bare for two weeks! I know, the blasphemy. When I went to work the other day and my friends saw my naked nails, they all got super concerned and said something about an intervention. I thought it was funny, but it kind of shows, my friends know how important my "polished" nails are to me. But anyway, I apologize for the lack of posting and am trying to make up for it by sharing this little beauty I did a while ago.

It's sort of a mix between a half moon and an extreme French design. For this look, I first stuck hole punch reinforcers towards the bottom of my bare nails, and over them, painted one layer of  Essie's Gym Dandy and then stamped on the flower design, using a Moyou London plate from the artist collection.When all my layers were dry, I removed the reinforcer and got fabulous clean, curved lines (oxymoron?). I wasn't too crazy about this design when I first did it, but it did grow on me. What do you think?

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Essie - Gym Dandy
Konad White
Moyou London Artist Collection 05

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