Friday, November 1, 2013

First Floral Manicure!

Hello my lovies! I hope you all survived Halloween without becoming possessed, frightened, haunted, or nauseated from eating way too many sweets.

I don't even want to talk about how much candy I had yesterday...
but just to give you an idea...
...yea...I don't want to talk about moving on...

Being that the past few weeks, most of the nail blogs have been filled with witches, bleeding cuticles, eyeballs, classic movie monsters, and candy corn,  I thought this manicure might be a nice change of pace.

Super floral and girly, I know. But I wanted to work on my free handing a little and I figured flowers were an easy way to go. And not too shabby for my first free handed flowers...What do you think?

To get this look, I first painted the creme blue base (Revlon's, Minted) on my nails and let that dry. Then for each flower, I started by first placing a nice big polish dot in the center. While the dot was still wet and movable, using the dotting tool, I placed the tool in the center of the dot puddle. From here, I pushed out from the center of the dot, in different directions 4 - 5 times, which created 4-5 petals for each flower. Then I placed another singular dot (yellow) in the center of each flower and voila! 

So thats my short post for today! I have to go sleep off this sugar hangover  X_X

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Revlon - Minted
China Glaze - Sunshine Pop
China Glaze Texture - Toe Tally Textured  (orange)
Wet and Wild - Tropicalia (pink)
Dotting Tool