Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Floral French

Hi all!. So today I have a little something special to show you! At least I think it's pretty cool. A few months ago I read about various water nail tattoos and decided to order some to see what they were like.  These little beauties have been sitting in my closet for about 3 months and I am so glad I finally got around to using therm!

On the package these  nail tattoos are labeled as, "Nail Water Slide Nail Tattoo Sticker Water Transfer Nail Art Decal". Basically they function the same way a tattoo would. What I love about these is they come pre-shaped to fit your nail so there is no cutting or clipping to get to the right size and you get 14 tattoos in case you mess up once or twice. 

So in order to use these, you need to have bare, clean nails or painted, dry nails. First,  you cut out the nail sticker that best fits your nails, remove the protective plastic on top of the design, and stick the design in warm water for about 30 seconds or so. Then you wet your own nail, and literally slide the design off of the paper and onto your nail. You can use your finger or tweezers to do this. 

For the first 15 seconds or so, the design will still be wet so you can easily slide it around your nail until you get it into a position you like. Then, as the tattoo begins to dry, it becomes a little harder to move. The thing you have to be most careful with is not to let the design, once wet and removed from the paper, fold over onto itself (like saran wrap does sometimes). If this happens, the tattoo will stick to itself. If you try to peel it off of itself, it will tear and become unusable. This happened to me like 4 times, super annoying.

So after I placed the tattoos on my nails, and each dried, I had a little over hang at the edge of my nails. I tried to file these pieces of, like you would with the Sally Hansen or Incoco nails stickers, but the tattoo moved around and became dislodged (these tattoos do not automatically stick to your nail because there is no glue). Therefore I found it best to apply the nail tattoo, let it dry, and paint with a clear topcoat. Then when the topcoat dried, I was able to file down my tips without the tattoo moving. After I filed off the extra tattoo at my tips, I sealed them with another layer of topcoat, and voila!

I would have to say, these tips were pretty easy to apply and look really cool because of all the detail. Definitely worth the money, especially because they were only about $4 on amazon. Unfortunately, the design I am wearing they no longer have in stock, but they do have tons of other floral patterns that are really pretty. Definitely going to try these again. I think what I liked best about these was that unlike, Sally Hansen and Incoco nail stickers, these could be moved around your nail until you were happy with the positioning. One of the issues I have with Incoco stickers especially, is that if you do not place the nail sticker on your nail  perfectly the first time, when you try to peel the sticker off and reposition it, it either stretches out or rips. Often, I end up wasting the strips, or having crooked looking nail polish because I  can't fix the positioning of the sticker. That was definitely not an issue with these. Try them out and let me know what you think!

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