Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pour Some Glitter On Me...

I have TONS of errands to run, so just a quickie post for today!

So normally I don't like using glitter on my nails because it always takes forever to get off. Some people suggest doing a base coat of PVA glue because it makes glitter removal super easy, as seen here. Others suggest the tinfoil method for removing glitter polish. Unfortunately, I haven't yet tried either of these methods, though they do seem effective. They are both definitely on my to do list. Anyway, despite my loathing of the traditional glitter polish removal process (gallons of acetone and mountains of cotton balls), I found this polish too sparkly to pass up trying!

For this mani I did a sparkle gradient (using Jordana Gemstones) which is easy to do and yet sort of difficult to describe. Basically you just apply several layers of glitter polish  to the tip of your nail so the concentration of glitter at the tip is so dense that you cannot see your natural nail or nail color underneath it. Then, while the polish at the tip of your nail is still wet, either with your nail polish  brush or a nail polish stick, push a few pieces of the glitter towards the middle of your nail. Do this as many times as needed until you create a gradient effect, with a few pieces of glitter floating around the middle of your nail and the amount of glitter becoming more concentrated as it approaches the top of your nail. If done correctly, your glitter gradient should look something like this...

Jordana - Gemstones
Seche Vite


  1. I have a video on removing glitter polish without using foil, and it has absolutely saved my nailbeds from lots of pain! I'm a glitter addict, but I dreaded removing it. Try this method, I think you'll enjoy it!

    1. Definitely going to use this! In general, I love the glitter part, just not the removal...