Monday, March 16, 2015

A Black and Gold Affair

Hi everyone! Whew, after a crazy few weeks I have finally found some time to myself and you know what that means...blogging and nail art! Yayyyy!

Ok, so the color gold and I have a complicated relationship. Every time I see someone sporting a gold colored manicure, I jump on the band wagon, run to the nearest drug store I can find, and buy a few gold polishes. But, the second I come home and try out the polishes, I think "" I'm not sure what it is, but as much as I love how gold polish looks on others, I just don't think the color compliments my skin tone. That being said, whenever I feel like wearing gold, I try to mix it in with another color. Here is a perfect example!

If you ask me, I think you honestly can't go wrong with black and gold. Something about this color combo always look classy. For this design, I used Maybelline Color Show Twilight Rays, a heavily pigmented black jelly polish (opague in two coats) filled with little gold flakies. I paired Twilight Rays with Sinful Color's Paris, which is your typical gold glitter topper. I needed 3 coats of Paris to achieve the opacity you see on my middle finger. And finally, I added a plethora of gold toned studs because if you can't tell from some of my other designs (see here and here) I tend to like my nail art over the top lol.

In my search for the perfect gold glitter (and trust me I've gone through quite a few brands/bottles lol) I have learned that the tone of the gold is what really sways me toward a particular polish. Although I used Paris for this mani, I tend to be attracted to gold polishes that are closer to bronze than yellow.

These are some of my favorite gold polishes:

Starrily - King Midas
Photo From

Maybelline Color Show - Bold Gold
Photo From

Wet and Wild - The Gold and the Beautiful
Photo From

I am always looking for new polishes to try out. Do you have a go-to gold polish? Leave me a suggestion in the comments! Thanks for stopping by :)

Maybeliline Color Show - Twilight Rays
Sinful Colors - Paris
Konad Black
Moyou London Fashionista Collection 07 (XL) - Lace Pattern